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Code: MTR015

PLU: 40102

EAN: 5057645691242

Current Type: DC

Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Maximum Power: 72 V

Maximum RPM: 10001 RPM - 15000 R

Mounting Style: Clamp-On

Peak Torque: 0 Nm - 500 Nm

Performance Part: Yes

Reference OE/OEM Number: 116000114

Type: Drivetrain Motor

Universal Fitment: No

Voltage: 72 V

EBMX Motor XLB-60 72V for Light Bee

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    Compatible with

    • Surron Light Bee


    The EBMX Motor range has been specifically designed to surpass the performance of other motors in this class. EBMX built these motors to stay cool under race conditions to ensure you focus on your riding and not your motor temperatures. It doesn’t matter if you are on the track, street or local trail, if you want the best, then this motor is for you. The motor has encoder based control for increased low end torque response and smooth predictable power delivery. Encoder sensors are capable of tracking motor position at all speeds and do so more frequently then hall sensors (used in other motors in this space). As a result they can deliver a smoother more responsive and controllable powerband and they do not generate the same type of current spikes that often cause controller issues.

    • 60mm Stator thickness

    • 35KW rated & designed from the ground up to handle the heat

    • 180C rated windings with U24H mangets

    • Custom IPM rotor design

    • Industry leading 0.7mm rotor air gap revving out at 13000RPM

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